Monday, November 9, 2009

White dishes

I have a love of white dishes, they go with anything, you can dress them up for
a holiday, a party, a theme and they can be used in everyday dinning.
I have to confess, I only use my white dishes at Christmas.  I decorate the table
in gold, reds or green, with fresh pine and pinecones.
I have 3 sets of complete dishes, that I have collected.
I have a complete set of old brown transferware, that I use at Thanksgiving.
And, you must believe me, when I tell you that I got the whole set for FREE,
from a genetleman that didn't want them any more, his wife had passed away,
and they were her dishes, so he was glad to see that they went to a good home.
 I'll post about them on another day.
If you don't own a set of White dishes, you can buy a reasonable set, you won't
be disappointed.

You can match new pieces with old pieces
and how about that Linen table runner

Old Soup Tureen ~ Love it

The white dishes are a focal point in this room

Someone loves white dishes

A sinkful of clean dirty dishes

Old white bowls dispalyed on an old chair

What a sweet dislpay, old white platter filled with sugar bowls

Show off your white dishes in a wonderful cupboard, for everyone to enjoy!
You can complete a set or add to a set, hunt for them at church fairs, garage sale, flea markets,
and estate sales even a thrift shop.

Happy Hunting


  1. Oh my gosh! I am in love with each and every photo! I too love white dishes, especially white pitchers. Thanks for sharing, that just made my day! ~mary~

  2. I too am a fan of white dishes. My wedding china and everyday china is all white. My favorite part is the ability to add new pieces. I just found a great white soup tureen for only $13 and it fits right in with the rest of my pieces.

  3. Beautiful pictures Cheryl! Of course I love white dishes too!! I can't believe you got a complete set of dishes for cool!!

    :) T

  4. White dishes are a must in every how you can mix and match them! Hope you have an awesome week!


  5. Such inspiring photos. They make me want to rush out and scour the 2nd hand shops for white crockery...but first I need a gorgeous cabinet to display them in!

  6. Beautiful blog. Everything here is just lovely!

  7. Good morning Cheryl,
    Your home and dishes are just beautiful! You've really inspired me to take my beautiful white soup tureen from the top of the cabinet and display it on a shelf.

    I love the pictures of the pewter on your last post!

    Beautiful post!

    Blessings to you,

  8. Hi dear Cheryl,
    love all your white dishes... each and every one of them, so beautifully displayed to please the eye. nice tablescape, too.

  9. Your photos are gorgeous! Every one of them. I love the white dishes too. They can be dressed up so many ways. The will always be in style.
    ~Debra The Capers of the Vintage Vixens

  10. Chaz @ goatseathay said: Your photos capture a peaceful feeling. You are an exceptional photographer as well as your talent for finding lovely things.


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