Monday, January 18, 2010

Antique German Flour Sack Bags

It snowed last night, we have some heavy wet snow to move, so I sent the men outside to do that
I'm sitting at my computer surfing the web
I found this
I love,<3 these bags
The price is a little too much for me,
but I still love them
I could see myself carrying one of these
Yes, I could
Antique German Flour Sack Bags
What a neat idea!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help the People of Haiti

Please do what you can to help the Haitians. At a minimum, please text the word “Haiti” to 90-999 to donate $10 dollars to the American Red CrPowerful words.

You can click on this link, it will bring you to the Red Cross

I sent a text message, and donated my $10.00, and my husband donated $10.00
Now it's your turn, it only takes a few minutes, we can surely afford to donate $10.00
If everyone does it, imagine all the help these people will get


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes

In New England we have a saying:

"If you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes"

Right now ~ it is soooooo cold here, and it is snowing lightly right now, but that could change in the blink of an eye!
We shovel, we salt, we have snoblowers, we have plows on our trucks, we have snow tires, and snow brushes in all our cars, we keep blankets, gloves and scarfs in our trunks and some keep shovels in their trunks.  We have remote starters to get our cars warm before we have to head off into the wintery blizzards. 
All of us who live in cold, snowy climates know what I'm talking about, those we don't, your lucky, in my opinion.  I don't like the cold long winters.  After Christmas I look forward to Spring, and I can't wait for the beautiful Spring weather.
Lots of homes in New England have fireplaces, we have two.  

They bring such comfort and warmth to a room.  We make our fireplaces a focal part of the room, we decorate them and show them off, after-all they do take care of us, keeping us toasty warm

A beautiful green color on the woodwork is the focal point of this fireplace

Thie one is Ochre Yellow, I love the woodwork around this fireplace
I wonder what is behind those doors

A log cabin, love the bench in front of the fireplace,
beautiful stone

A cooking fireplace, with a crane for making soup,
and a beautiful farm table

Lovely in White

This room is full of beautiful things that focus around the fireplace

Beautiful Stone fireplace and mantal,
love this chaise, I could sit here, read a book, and take a nap

This fireplace looks like it might belong in a very old, old home, oh such character

Again,, they have made the fireplace the focal point of this room,
Nice place to sit with the family

I love the blue woodwork on the fireplace and all the whites

All Photos courtesy of "Country Living"

Stay warm and bundle up next to the roaring fire