Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Decorating

Some Holiday inspiration~
Take a wicker basket, fill it with greens, pinecones, berries and twigs

These little baskets are adorable with candle lights inside

Head on out to the nearest field, woods or your backyard, as I do
Bring your cutters
Gather your greens and decorate you house with them
No fuss, no money to spend
Happy Sunday


  1. Gorgeous inspiring ideas! Thanks and happy sunday evening,

  2. There is such a simple beauty about pinecones and berries...I just love them! I think you have inspired me to add a few to my decor this season. I need to take time for the little things like that. ;o) ~mary~

  3. Hello Cheryl!
    Thank you for your visit on my blog... I´m just cleaning up a litle bit on the blog. Soon there will be more pictures. Lately i have had so little time for the blog.
    Your blog is beautiful. Me and our daughter Alice was sitting here last night and looked at all your inpsiring pictures... Is it okey if I borrow some of them..

  4. when we lived in GA, there was an abundance of goodies to clip and bring in. one of my FAVS were cuttings from our golden thread cypress! your blog is gorgeous!!!!

  5. I ran across your blog at My Sweet Savannah! I love all the beautiful pictures and ideas you have posted and I have to be honest and say I LOVE the picture of the white pit bull the most! So sweet! I have two pits of my own (they are my babies). Ill def be back to see what your posting!


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