Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Outdoor fireplaces

A place to enjoy with family and friends.
I would especially love one this time of year,
so cozy and inviting.
I can imagine sitting outside at sunset, with a glass of
wine, a warm blanket, maybe a good book.
I could really get into one of these

Look theres my bottle of wine and a candle

Cozy comfortable seating

Even a bar, to entertain

Oh another bottle of wine and my wine glass

A dinner party for friends

My book and my warm blanket

And the family dog loves it too

Enjoy the changes of the season, fall is upon us!



  1. Hi Cheryl! I like the wine idea and I love these outdoor fireplaces!!!

    :) T

  2. Just found your blog via White Wed'days. I will have to show these pics to my hubby, he wants to build one of these in our backyard so bad. Your blog is beautiful, filled with all the things I love.


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