Friday, October 2, 2009

Hooked on Fridays


I am so often inspired by others creations,
I look at pictures on the internet of what others have
created and I am so inspired and in awe. 
There is so much creativity among us.
I love talent and creative people!!
Simple things make me happy

Bulap with stamped lettering

This beautiful arrangement using things from nature outside the store of
"The Curious Sofa"

Taking a tea saucer that no longer has a companion tea cup and putting a bar of soap tied with a bow, great idea for a gift

Adorable idea using sweaters, that have been washed and shrunk and hung on the crib, you could also use this idea for the windows

This one struck me when I realized my hose was just lying on the ground, take a bucket and wrap your hose around it, too cute

Linen and old sacks, cross stitch a saying or name maybe initials,
cross stitching is quite simple to do

Found this the other day while surfing, I adore old books, this idea is so creative and a great way way to show-off your creative side

Another idea for old books,  especially the books where the covers maybe are missing or completely destroyed, tie with some twine and showcase them

This is such a cute bag, seems easy enough to make,
or is it!!!

A tin can, punched with a design, candle inside and hung from a tree

Thought this was quite adorable and useful, my daughter could use one of these in her room, a picture frame with chicken wire fastened to the back

Inspiration Board
 I have to make one of these for myself,
using a frame put cork inside the frame
and paint it WHITE

And, this creative lady, used a tee shirt and
cut it up to make this adorable scarf
~NO sewing involved~

Love this idea for the stairs, paint your stairs color of your choice,
trim out for the middle color when dry stencil some numbers of letters

I get very creative this time of year
Inspiration has hit me, how about you?


  1. REALLY great pics Cheryl! I love the stamped burlap (might have to use that one)!!

    :) T

  2. Love your blog~ I am lovin' the burlap!

  3. Hi, just found you via Life in the Fun Lane. It looks like you have a similar style. One of the things I love about blogging and reading blogs is seeing the different styles people choose for their homes.


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