Wednesday, September 9, 2009


What a beautiful day in New England

Crisp, clean fall air, I am loving it!

I think this post should/might be called

"Black & White Wednesday"

These pictures are from my home
I am transforming my home from Primitive Early American, dark reds, browns and mustards


White Rustic, French Chic
As I do things in my house, I will be posting pictures and telling stories

Gourd, old bread board, vintage carry all

Kitchen Counter, old tin with condiments
Window light

Old grain sack, vintage broom, old blue coverlet
all on an old weathered quilt rack

Old basket, handmade doll,
pillow from Family Heirloom Weavers sitting on a bench at my front door
Breadboards, I love old breadboard's
I have a collection ranging from very small to quite large ones

Vintage scale in white on an old very large bread board with
some of the old flour imbeded in the board,
old bread boards have such stories to tell
Old jugs, I love to collect old jugs
some have writing on them, some have numbers, letters, bird motifs, some still have the corks in them.
These are sitting in a display again on an old bread board
My next post is on a piece of furniture that I did over
I will post before and after pictures


  1. Love your White Wednesday Posting. Great 'em all. I just found your blog and look forward to visting your others and future posts. I love, love, love white too!

  2. beautiful photos~ as usual! :)


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