Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dresser Re-done

My first posting on an old dresser that I re-finished
I know you don't know this, but I love to paint, I have been painting in one form or another since I was a little girl
This all wood dresser was a freebie that I acquired along with many other pieces,
After storing the furniture for a couple of months I decided that this piece
was going to be used in my walk-in closet to replace the broken Lowe's piece that I
originally put in the closet when we moved in the house, now the drawers don't even work
I had the paint in my house, it was never opend it is
Behr Premium Plus Cottage White
How strange was this, I had this can of paint in my basement, the painter must have
bought this paint and never used it, I never knew it was there
I didn't have a good paint brush on hand, but I had some new sponge brushes, and I was
so impatient to get this painted that I went ahead and used the sponge brushes, I don't think I would
recommend using the sponge brushes if you were going to put you piece of furniture in your room,
but I was just to impatient to wait another day to go and buy a new paint brush
I also had a 1/2 can of primer
I sanded the dresser with sand paper,
wiped it with a cloth to remove all the dust
and then painted, it took 2 coats
The next day I sprayed the dresser with a can of clear acrylic sealer that I also
had in the house
You will  notice in some of the pictures that it looks spotty, that is because the sealer was not
completely dry when I took the pictures

Sealer was still wet when I took this picture

Have a happy healthy Thursday

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