Thursday, December 3, 2009

Colonial Early American Christmas

I have a love of White & Linen, but I also
love the Colonial Early American look
Rich in History and Charm
Olde Homes, Olde Souls,
The patina of on olde house
When I acquire an old piece, I can't help
but wonder, who owned it, how they used it, how
they acquired it.
If it was part of their family history
I always feel that the piece doesn't truly
belong to me,
it is on loan to me, unil it is passed
on to the next olde soul

Doorways decorated as they were in eary times
Using only items found in the woods

A table setting with fruits and fresh pine
and a Pineapple
Look at the clay pot filled with pine and a little bird
Steal this idea ~ Love it

Adding fresh pine and pinecones, some packages wrapped in
brown kraft paper, tied with ribbon, more pine
around an antique picture and you have
yourself some instant Christmas Cheer
Add some homemade ginerbread men

Smaller pine tree on top of an old table
Old baskets filled with Christmas packages

Long Johns hung on a cupboard with winter stockings,
and some pine and another great decorating idea

Homemade Pine & Pincone swag over the door
Love the old shutters

Spell Merry Christmas using
round tags bought at an office supply store
Age them first, stamp them with small stamps
punch a hole in them, swag them
Love it

Christmas by the Hearth

Quince slices dried and hung on a window

Tree decorated with red and white garland and little silver stars

A beautiful bedroom sparsly decorated
for Christmas

Wishing you happy decorating
I hope your home at the holidays
 is everything you dream it could be

Pictures belong to the Internet
thank you

Blessings ~ Cheryl


  1. i adore every single photo selection!!! this looks like Christmas to me! thank you so much for this post!

  2. Totally love these photos. I have a friend who lives in a salt box house and decorates in this early style. Wonderful.

  3. Good morning Cheryl,
    Thanks for sharing so money warm, homey and lovely Christmas ideas for decorating....
    I'm in the process of decorating. and plan on borrowing some ideas.

    Hope you're staying warm....

  4. Love your post today. Great festive pictures! Thanks for sharing.
    Blog: The Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. What beautiful decor. I love things old too. We built a house 10 yrs ago in a historical part of the city. From the outside it fits right in with all the old homes in the neighborhood. It makes me happy when people ask if this is an old home we restored. No but it looks like it.

  6. The long johns made me smile - what a clever idea with a tweak of humor - sometimes we're so harried with our schedules we forget to have fun - I'm working on it - thanks for reminding me! Jennifer

  7. You always have the best photos! I LOVE that little Merry Christmas garland on the white fireplace. I just may have to make myself one of those for next year! ~mary~

  8. Lovely decorating. It's so simple but nice.
    I found you at Kathleen's Faded Charm :+)
    ~ Franny


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